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     Lyon Engineering has two FAA licensed setups and four FAA Part 107 licensed commercial sUAS pilots. Our pilots have received FAA airspace authorization to fly in the majority of the City’s controlled airspace and have built an excellent working relationship with the FAA Prescott Love Field tower staff. The aerial drone flight, survey ground control, and subsequent in-house post-processing of acquired photogrammetry data (hundreds or thousands of photos) enables us to efficiently produce high resolution aerial orthographic imagery and 3D surface models with sub-centimeter accuracy.


     When combined with accurate ground control, under most circumstances, our sUAS imagery and 3D surface models are within the same accuracy that can be expected with modern GPS survey equipment. As a comparison, aerial topography that produces 2-foot contours is only accurate to ±1-foot. In addition to orthographic imagery and 3D models, we produce a surface terrain model and contours that can be utilized for design in both MicroStation and AutoCAD software. The existing condition 3D models are very useful during planning, design, meetings, and the review process to tour the project in lieu of re-visiting the site to verify existing infrastructure or conditions.



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