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     Lyon Engineering successfully completes every project with a forward thinking and hands-on approach. Our engineers produce their own engineering plans and survey calculations in lieu of outsourcing the work to CADD technicians or drafters. This allows our engineers to work efficiently and provide a personal touch.


     Similar to our engineering approach, we do not hire survey technicians with the intention that they remain in that position. We provide the training necessary to become party chiefs and eventually, Registered Land Surveyors. This serves a dual purpose for our firm. It makes our surveyors increasingly efficient and precise in their work while fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. The result is an exceptional survey staff that consists of highly motivated, professional individuals.


      Dean Lyon started his career as an aspiring young engineer before he even graduated from college. Working full-time while attending Arizona State University, he learned first-hand the value of hard work and dedication. At the same time, he realized that the management philosophy of the larger firms he worked for was counterproductive and de-motivating. Four years after graduation, Dean formed his first company, Lyon & Associates, in 1978. His focus was to employ individuals who had the motivation and dedication it took to become professional engineers and land surveyors. At the same time, he wanted his employees to enjoy their chosen profession and be able to have fun on the job.


     Dean strongly believed that it took more than just hard work and long hours to move up in your career and become a successful professional. It took the freedom to be creative and ambitious, to take pride in one’s work, and maintaining an open mind to learning every day of your career. We at Lyon Engineering are committed to Dean’s original focus and it remains the basis of our success to this day. Opening our doors in 1995, we have designed a multitude of diverse projects covering all facets of civil engineering, land development, and planning.


     Our client base covers an even broader spectrum of organizations, companies, and individuals including: local municipalities, land developers, general contractors, state agencies, and the federal government. Throughout our several years, we have produced safe, quality designs that have helped enhance the community. As a result, Lyon Engineering has grown into the largest locally-owned and operated Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm in the Prescott quad-city area.

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